Knack 2 in development for PS4

It seems that a sequel to PS4 launch title “Knack” is currently under development for Sony’s newest games console.

A CV popped up on LinkedIn over the weekend which contained a quote from Mindly Liang stating she, “animated 3D character motions and cutscenes” for Knack 2 on PS4. The listing has since been cleaned of any details regarding Knack 2.

As of Jan 26 2016, Knack on PS4 had sold 1.58m copies worldwide (source: Comparing Knack’s sales with PS4 exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall (also a PS4 launch title and sold 2.47m copies worldwide), it didn’t perform that badly considering the fact that it was a brand new IP which was going up against a much loved giant in the FPS genre.

The real downfall of Knack was the critic’s review scores, only scoring: 5.9/10 (IGN), 2.5/5 (metacritic) etc. Knack received many negative comments such as: “When Knack isn’t being repetitive or shallow, it’s just bland” (Eurogamer) and “Playing Knack is like watching a dull movie on a plane…” (IGN).

If Sony can sort out the main issues from the original Knack game (mainly: boring storyline and shallow gameplay), and keep all the good features (such as graphics & game mechanics) and transfer this to Knack 2, then  we can expect a entertaining and enjoyable experience from the new game.


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