New Overwatch character ‘Ana’ revealed

Overwatch will see the addition of a new character, as Blizzard announced ‘Ana’ was coming to the game.

The support character uses her Biotic Rifle to heal your teammates, and cause damage to the enemy while her secondary weapon, a Sleep Dart, will knock the opposition characters unconscious.

Ana will become the first post-release character for Overwatch, and is expected to be released for free at the end of July.

[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Introducing Ana | Overwatch


2 thoughts on “New Overwatch character ‘Ana’ revealed

  1. Love that Blizzard are adding new characters, especially if they are free!

    One thing I would love to see is more customisation of the special attacks for each character. It would add some more depth to the game format in its current format!

    Either way, it’s a really enjoyable game and can’t wait to try Ana 🙂


    1. Hi TJSimpsonz, I think that would make a lot of Overwatch gamers very happy.

      Blizzard appear to be thinking about the players with the free policy, which is refreshing in today’s world with micro transactions, DLCs etc.

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