Rise of the Tomb Raider: PS4 Has A Release Date

Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 will be released on October 11th according to Square Enix.

The PS4 edition of the game comes with a new story chapter ‘Blood Ties’, and will also feature VR support. Previous DLC, outfits, weapons and Expedition Cards are included in the PS4 title, along with a limited edition art book.

Xbox gamers will also have this content made available to them, with season pass owners receiving the add-ons free of charge. However, the VR aspect is currently only slated for the PS4 edition.

Scot Amos, co-head of Crystal Dynamics gave the following description about the new Blood Ties expansion, “Blood Ties, a new premium DLC, beckons players to explore Croft Manor in a new story mode; then defend it against a zombie invasion in Lara’s Nightmare.” He added, “When Lara’s uncle contests ownership of the Manor, Lara must explore the estate to find proof that she is the rightful heir, or lose her birthright and father’s secrets for good.”

22 Minutes of Rise of the Tomb Raider Co-Op Endurance PS4 Gameplay


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