Nintendo Switch to run slower on the go?

Reports have emerged that the Nintendo Switch may run significantly slower when it it removed from its docking station.

Specs appear to show that when docked the Switch’s GPU runs at 768MHz, while only running at 307.2MHz when removed from the dock.

The CPU for the Switch appears to run at 1020MHz when docked or undocked, and the specs for memory look to run at either 1331MHz or 1600MHz.

If you are worried about potential consistency problems when you take the console on the go then just remember that developers will be able to configure their games to the slower specs if they do so wish, however, the reports at this stage in time may discourage some from picking up the console when it’s released in March 2017.


One thought on “Nintendo Switch to run slower on the go?

  1. I know there’s been a lot of backlash to this, but I guess we’ll learn everything we need to know in a few weeks. As long as the games look good, and there’s 3rd party support, I’m down. I don’t need a PS4 Pro in my hands.


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