More ports expected to release on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch could be set for more game ports further down the line after the president of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima hinted at the possibility.

Addressing the question of backwards compatibility for the Switch, president Kimishima stated that the upcoming device won’t be backwards compatible with games made for other Nintendo consoles, but there could very well be more ports of previous titles on the way for the Switch.

“Switch is not backward compatible with games designed for other systems, and is not currently compatible with controllers designed for other systems. Support for certain controllers may be considered for a future update. In some cases, games from past systems may be re-released for the Nintendo Switch system as either enhanced or original versions” – Tatsumi Kimishima (President of Nintendo).

Mario Kart 8 deluxe is a prime example of what Nintendo could be planning for the Nintendo Switch’s future, taking a Wii U title and releasing it for the Switch with updated performance improvements and with expanded gameplay (i.e. added characters, circuits, game modes).

The Nintendo Switch has a worldwide release date of Friday 3rd March 2017.


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