Pokken Tournament DX heading to Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch will receive its first Pokemon game for the system, however, it is not the game that many had anticipated.

Pokken Tournament DX has been confirmed for the Switch and will release on Friday 22nd September.

Featuring more Pokemon, new modes and the ability to play using just a single Joy-Con controller Pokken Tournament DX is a remastered edition of the Wii U title Pokken Tournament.

Also announced was Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon which will release on Friday 17th September for the Nintendo 3DS.

Upgraded versions of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, the new titles will feature a new story and new Pokemon.


Coming in at just over eight minutes long, the Pokemon Direct appeared to be just a peek into what Game Freak has in store moving forward.

The updated 3DS titles Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon is a concept which doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, but I was left somewhat disappointed that there was no mention of a Nintendo Switch edition especially following the non-stop rumours of an apparent Pokemon Stars game in the works.

Pokken Tournament DX also was fairly predictable and a safe move from Game Freak. This announcement also suggests that there could be many more Wii U ports heading over to the Switch in the not too distant future, which would significantly boost the console’s gaming library.

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